GIS Technology Helps Underprivileged Communities Get Better Services

(Picture taken from article)

Allan Parnell and Ann Joyner are the founders of the Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities. The institute specializes in analysis, technical assistance and education in the use of public data, demographic analysis, GIS, investigative studies and qualitative analysis. The goal of the institute is to benefit professionals and volunteers in the areas of civil rights, economic development, fair housing, land use, public health, education, environmental justice, predatory lending, and so on. The use of the GIS mapping technology is helping underprivileged communities get better service, including education, transportation, health care, and law enforcement, by displaying specific area of discrimination.  The maps have help play vital roles in court decisions to improve funding and the livelihood of the communities. They also help paint a descriptive picture of what is going on, something statistical analysis lacks.


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