ESRI Honors GIS Innovators in Health and Human Services

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Recently, GIS technology innovators were recognized and awarded for their work in the health and human services fields. One of the awards, the Service Award, was given to Stephanie Bailey, M.D., M.S., chief of the Office of Public Health Practice, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She received this award for her hard work in helping people to understand the value and purpose of GIS technology in their everyday work. It is said that “She has a long history of public health competence at all levels, from the local to the state to the federal.” A second award, the Vision Award, was given to Health InfoTechnics, LLC, of Brentwood, Tennessee for their innovation of GIS use. The company “has taken a leap foward in meeting the community health information needs of the customers and, in doing so, has improved the spatial literacy of America’s health care system.” Part of their recognition was from their recently developed EnvisionHIT, which provides an interactive and visual environment for researching and viewing marketing data. A third award, the Communication Award, was given to three public health services professionals for their excellence in map presentation, visualization, and communication: Tracy Creighton, GIS analyst, Public Health Observatory; Daphne Goodman-Eifler, supervisor of Tobacco Reduction Strategies; and Tanya Dunn-Pierce, manager, Health Promotion Department.

Source: ESRI

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern


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