LLU Adds New Health Geoinformatics Lab

(Picture taken from: http://www.rms.lv/bionett/Files/Image/LLU.jpg)

LLU, Loma Linda University of Redlands, California began its use of the newly built health geoinformatics computer labs. The purpose of these labs is to educate students in the health care field on how to improve their use of GIS technology. The school hopes that students will take the knowledge they learn and better understand and improve human health across the world. The computer labs are available to both the undergraduate and graduate students, exposing them to “hands-on experience in applying modern information system technologies that combine maps and satellite imagery with data about the geographic locations of diseases, health care resources, and sociodemographic characteristics of communities”. Some of the equipment available in the labs include ESRI’s spatial statistical tools (for public health epidemiology), specialized logistical software (for optimizing health care delivery) and geographic digital dashboards (enhancing health informatics). University president Richard Hart, M.D., Dr. PH, is pleased that these labs will enable the University to contribute to the enhancement of community and global health. “He noted that the inclusion of the Health Geoinformatics Laboratory within this new global learning hub is a critical part of the university’s objective to connect with the world and think about problems in a different way.” ESRI president Jack Dangermond, states “This new lab will combine great talent in health science education with emerging talent in technology in the geospatial field…This center will participate in the evolution of designing our future and participating in building a healthier world.”

To read the full article click here.

Source: ESRI


Christine Irven, VERTICES intern

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