GIS Enables South Carolina to have Effective Emergency Response

SC banner(Picture taken from

In order to efficiently and effectively process and distribute large amounts of data, South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control needed a way to distribute health data and emergency information to the public that was feasible, allowed several levels of access and keep data current . That’s where GIS comes in. GIS allows health officials to make information available to the public without dealing with the issues of time and budget constraints, or privacy concerns all while providing for an efficient and effective emergency management system. The Department of Health and Environmental Control decided to implement ESRI’s applications, such as ‘Street Map’ allowing anyone to view accurate and current street data. It also allows users to ask questions and research any statistical information they want to know, including health services locations.The implementation of GIS has allowed the Department of Health and Environmental Control to update information as currently as possible, study vast boundaries without spending a lot of time or manual labor, and provides easy online access to anyone who wishes and/ or needs to be informed. One additional and positive effectof the application allows users to locate Department of Social Services, American Red Cross Emergency Operations Center, and shelters close to their home in the event of an emergency.

Source: ESRI

Picture below taken from:

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern

SC Dep handec


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