ESRI Provides Formula for Good Health at TED MED 2009 Conference

tedmed(Picture taken from

The TED MED  (technology, entertainment and design) 2009 Conference is currently being held in San Diego, California. It began on October 27th and will continue until the 30th. TED MED is a non-profit organization that promotes spreading knowledge to the public.  The conference is focusing on public healthcare, discussing the public’s awareness of general medical and epidemiological knowledge and ways to improve them. One main speaker attending the event is Bill Davenhall, global marketing manager for Health and Human Services Solutions at ESRI. He stated that the key to understanding good health is the environment and therefore coming up with a formula to good health: “Genetics + lifestyle + environment = risks”.  What this formula proposes is that risk management is essential in your everyday health. Many healthcare providers do not account for the environment in which people are exposed to that may be a risk factor to their health. For instance, a childhood of being exposed to lead based paint has an effect on a person’s health ten years later; it may be the underlying reason to that person’s current problems. If the doctor is aware of the person’s environment, he can better assess his patients’ needs. An effective and efficient way to do so is through using GIS and ulitmately help these medical records and envionrmnetal histories become easily and readily available to doctors everywhere.

Source: Kornfeld, Alana B. Elias, Editor, The Huffington Post

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern


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