Ghana Implementing GIS to Improve Health Services

Ghana has officially begun a GIS training workshop in order to improve health service delivery. The workshop consists of approximately twenty Health Information Officers, each representing the various districts of the Eastern region of Ghana. Dr, George Bonsu, the Eastern Regional Deputy Director of Public Health, stressed that GIS would enable health management to quickly identify areas of crises, learn the public’s accessibility to health facilities, as well as keep track of the prevalent diseases within the communities enabling them to more easily find their antidotes. All the of information provided by the GIS is essential to the new approach to decrease infant, child and maternal mortality rates. Another goal is that the Health Information Officers will take away vital knowledge from the workshop allowing them to inform others of the crucial uses of GIS in their healthcare system.  Dr. Bonsu also wishes to extend the training workshop to include all of the District Health Directorates by 2010.


Source: GBC News (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation){F9DEAC0C-3677-4E11-B0E6-6F5C9013B892}_Ghana

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern

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