Interactive Maps Allow U.S. Citizens to Track Stimulus Spending Within Their State

After President Obama signed the $787 billion federal economic stimulus package in February, a large portion of the money has gone to healthcare. U.S. citizens, the taxpayers, will be able to easily track where and how the money is being spent.  Each state has a wide range of how they will do so, but one of the more effective ways is through GIS and interactive mapping. For instance, Colorado and Maryland both have websites that have interactive maps that show spending totals for each county and the locaton of specific projects. These websites make it easy for people to see the relationships and patterns where the money is being spent; I.e. a transportation stimulus project and the percentage of people who do not own cars. Because such a large portion of the stimulus package went to healthcare, it will be easy for states that use interactive mapping in their websites to show the improvements of their healthcare systems since recieving the money. Even though only ten states have implemented this type of display of information, it is a great and easy way to inform the people of what their government is doing.  Afterall, one of the gaurantees of this economic stimulus package is allowing the public to remain informed.

Source:                                                                                  healthcare

Picture taken from:

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern


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