World Class Commissioning of NHS Services


The immense popularity and growth of GIS use in healthcare has not only spread across the U.S., it has grown all over the globe.  With the support of GIS, England’s National Health Service (NHS), with the help of Dotted Eyes, will hold a seminar to promote the implementation of the latest GIS software available for health analysis applications.  The main goal is to enable primary care, NHS and ambulance trusts, and efficient and effective health authorities in order to access a wide collection of map data.  This seminar will focus on the Department of Health’s Competencies dealing with needs assessment and knowledge management.  Over the course of four years, NHS and Dotted Eyes plan to support the planning and delivery of health services. Having GIS integrated within a healthcare system provides for the effective decision making skills needed in critical issues like public health campaigns, service reviews, and resource locations.

Source: Dotted Eyes

(Picture below taken from,

Christine Irven, VERTICES intern




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