URISA Webinar: Crowdsourcing & the H1N1 Virus

This Wednesday, September 23 at 3:00 PM (EST) URISA will be hosting an exciting Webinar about FluTracker, a controlled crowdsourcing system for tracking the spread of swine flu developed by Rhiza Labs.

This system is able to make outbreak data available to the public 5-10 days ahead of the estimates provided by the CDC. This Webinar will explain how you can utilize controlled outsourcing and take advantage of the newly developed technology and the omnipresence of the public to inform people of flu outbreaks. This is just one example of how Community Participatory Mapping is being used to make information more readily available to the public .  You will learn how to best uitilize this tool and get the maximum amount of benefits from the developing technologies.

“Crowdsourcing and the H1N1 Virus” will be presented by Maryl Widdows and Andrew Macurak of Rhiza Labs, located in Pittsburg, PA. For more information, visit http://www.urisa.org/webinars.


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