Health GIS 2009 closes on informative thoughts

After the first day of hope and an overwhelming response from participants at the conference and exhibition, Health GIS 2009 witnessed an interactive and informative second day with various technical sessions.

The keynote session of the day was chaired by Ajit Gokhale, CTO Mobitech Technologies and Sakib Razak, GIS Coordinator , Ministry of Pakistan. The session had four presentations.

The first presenter for the session was Dr. Mark Souris, IVD, Faculty of Science, Thailand. In his presentation, he talked about how GIS is helpful in the eradication of infectious diseases and suggested certain measures for the same. He said we should go beyond GIS to adopt intelligent GIS.

The second presenter was Dr. Ravi Gupta, Editor in Chief, eHealth Magazine. He talked about status of e-Health in India, challenges and the opportunities involved. He detailed the current health scenarios and impediments to health care in the country.

The next presenter was Dr Eva Pilot, Geomed Research, Germany. She was presenting in the absence of Dr. Thomas Kraft, Director, Geomed Research. She focussed on GIS based European public health threat detection system and SIDARTH, an approach towards it. SIDARTHa is a local approach which alerts emergency care professionals and local public health outcomes.

The last presenter for the session was Dr. Kaew Nualchawee, Advisor, GISTDA, Burpha Univ, Thailand. He focussed on the wellbeing of people by the use of GIS and said people of Thailand are really interested in the use of GIS technology.

Source : By Simmi Sinha, GIS Development


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