Grenada government turns away cruise ship with suspected flu virus


I recently came upon a post where Grenada’s Ministry of Health recently refused cruise ship passengers to dock at their St George’s Port. The M.V Ocean Dream was said to be carrying as many as 40 passengers and crew who were experiencing flu-like symptoms. Grenada’s action came just days after the WHO declared H1N1, which has spread to 74 countries, as a global flu pandemic. Rising cases of the virus are being seen in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Chile.

H1N1 flu first emerged in Mexico in April. Grenada immediately set up screening at the seaport and at Maurice Bishop and International Airport.

Grenada’s ability to deal with the H1N1 virus is becoming a great concern. The Ministry of Health continues its educational program on ways to prevent the virus which is good, but if there is a medical emergency, there exists a shortage of respirators at the island’s main medical center. In fact, there is only one respirator and if there is a medical scare on the island with the virus, the hospital would not be able to treat cases.

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Melissa Lawrence, Social Marketing Administrator, VERTICES, LLC


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