The Impact of climate information to make better decisions for health-care planning and disease prevention


Now that the world’s attention is focused on climate change, it is essential for the health community to better understand the role climate plays in determining the fundamentals of health – air, water and food – as well as its role as a driver of specific outcomes related to infectious disease. Because of this, at Columbia University, 12 public-health professionals and climate scientists from ten countries are visiting the campus, where the International Research Institute for Climate and Society is based, to learn how to use climate information and GIS to make better decisions for health-care planning and disease prevention.

This type of study is useful because, for example, extreme weather events or prolonged droughts are often associated with negative outcomes but by understanding climate and its associated impacts and potential predictability, decision makers can start responding proactively to climate challenges. And in some situations, can even get ahead of the game.

For more information, please visit the SI2009 home page.

Melissa Lawrence, Social Marketing Administrator, VERTICES, LLC


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