Nintento Wii for fitness

Americans are obsessed with their weight. Everywhere around us we see billboards and news stands and even grocery isles encouraging our weight loss fixation. Not to mention we’re constantly reminded that our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are contributing to record ranks of overweight and obese citizens.

Nintendo had the right idea when they unleashed their slew of games catered to fitness. Wii Fit sells itself as an all-in-one home fitness solution that will get the whole family exercising on a regular basis, no matter how lazy. With a menu of yoga, aerobics, strength training and balance games, it’s hard to argue with the concept. It sounds crazy but it actually is quite possible to work up a sweat playing games like Wii Tennis because you literally have to act as if you swinging a racket at a tennis ball. There is even talk of people getting “Wii elbow” from this game! It just shows how involved you have to be to play! And while it wasn’t intended as a fitness regimen, one fan lost nine pounds over six weeks playing “Wii Sports” for 30 minutes a day. This is truly inspirational to all those people out there struggling to lose weight. Now there is a fun and easier way to get the same job as taking a walk around your neighborhood.

For more information, please take a look at the full article.

Melissa Lawrence, Social Marketing Administrator, VERTICES, LLC


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