Indonesia and Malaria

Malaria Map

Malaria is one of the most important diseases affecting humans and remains endemic in many parts of the world. Indonesia continues to suffer from a high prevalence of malaria, especially in the eastern part of the archipelago nation. In the last decade, malaria has shown a dramatic resurgence in parts of the country once considered under effective control, in particular on the island of Java.

NAMRU-2 has developed a GIS that has helped analyze the spread of malaria down to the village level in the district of Purworejo, Central Java. The Purworejo District was selected for a GIS pilot program because of the recent and well-documented resurgence of the disease in the highland areas of the district.

The objective of the GIS was to provide a visualization of the spread of malaria cases in Purworejo related to the differing topographical conditions and the risk of disease associated with those conditions. With the GIS, researchers and physicians have been able to present meaningful malaria case data with minimal delay, helping health planners devise specific and targeted control methods to control the spread and transmission of malaria.

For more information, please take a look at the article here.

Melissa Lawrence, Social Marketing Administrator, VERTICES, LLC

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