Ten Innovative Uses for GIS in Facility Management


Advanced infrastructure systems are built upon data collected about the physical world, and managed in robust and flexible data management systems. For facility management purposes, the data management system of choice is GIS. Below are ten (10) very useful application for GIS in facility management. The examples are set in the context of a university or college campus setting; however, they are very applicable to any facility management scenario, including amusement parks, airports, concert venues, business parks or hospitals.

Ten Innovative Uses for GIS in Facility Management

GIS Application #1 – Creation of A Campus Base Map
GIS Application #2 – Utility Mapping
GIS Application #3 – Landscape Management
GIS Application #4 – Work Order Management
GIS Application #5 – Master Planning
GIS Application #6 – Accessibility Planning
GIS Application #7 – Pedestrian Planning
GIS Application #8 – Emergency Preparedness
GIS Application #9 – Facility Space Planning
GIS Application #10 – Campus Virtual Tour

For more information on each use, please take a look at the article here.

Melissa Lawrence, Social Marketing Administrator, VERTICES, LLC

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