Discovering Safe Routes to School in Woodbridge

Woodbridge Map

As part of a collaborative effort to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, Woodbridge Township and the Pioneering Healthier Communities Organization will be conducting a walkability assessment of Woodbridge on Saturday, May 30th.

For this event, students and their parents will be meeting at the local elementary schools throughout Woodbridge to assess the walkability of the surrounding areas. They will observe, take pictures, and document their findings. The project will result in an online map to assist pedestrians in navigating safe routes. Parents and students will learn more about their community and how to use various technologies to improve their surroundings.

The goals of this project are to:

-Raise community awareness of walking and biking

-Promote physical activity by providing safer and more pleasant walking and biking environments

-Help the community to assess their needs and set priorities to make our streets and sidewalks safer

-Reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption by relying less on automobiles and buses through the promotion of walking and biking

-Promote public participation and community pride

For more information, visit the BikenWalk Web site at

Melissa Lawrence, Social Marketing Administrator, VERTICES, LLC


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