In creation is a site called This site was created by Dr. Wansoo Im and his staff at Vertices, LLC with aims of using current technology to connect people and their communities through Mapping, Public Participation, Civic Engagement for their betterment of society and our planet.

The goals of the site are to:

  • Raise community awareness of walking and biking,
  • Promote physical activity by providing safer and more pleasant walking and biking environments,
  • Help communities to assess needs and set priorities to make our streets and sidewalks safer,
  • Lead to carbon emission reduction and fossil fuel consumption by relying less on automobiles and buses,
  • Promote public participation and community pride.

By providing a Walkability and Bikeability Web-Based Interactive Mapping and Community-Based Social Networking Tools for people, Dr. Im and his staff have made a revolutionary attempt at bettering the health of people all over New Jersey. His efforts are greatly commended and only time will tell how great of a program he has truly started.

For a view of more of his projects, please visit

Melissa Lawrence, Rutgers Student Intern, VERTICES, LLC


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