Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. When symptoms do occur, they may include urinary problems like not being able to urinate, having a hard time starting or stopping the urine flow, needing to urinate often, especially at night, weak flow of urine, urine flow that starts and stops, pain or burning during urination, difficulty having an erection, blood in the urine or semen, frequent pain in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs. These can be symptoms of cancer, but more often they are symptoms of non-cancerous conditions.

As you may or may not know, there is an ethnic disparity in prostate cancer morbidity and mortality. I found this study recently that was done in order to take a deeper look and see why such a disparity is found in the Deep South among black and white men and whether or not it is related to the dietary intake of the individuals.

Although the investigation did not result in significantly extravagant discoveries, it has added to the extant knowledge on the ethnic disparity in prostate cancer by delineating the problems that occurred in the Deep South.

For specific results regarding this article or investigation, please view it here.

Melissa Lawrence, Rutgers Student Intern, VERTICES, LLC


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