GIS integration puts Nanaimo on the Google map


How did the city of Nanaimo, a little city of 78,000 souls in British Columbia, earn the big title of “Capital of Google Earth”? Nanaimo has been building up its GIS database for over 20 years by geo-coding (assigning geographic designations to locations) and entering associated spatial and visual data for all its paper land records. With its extensive GIS database, Nanaimo can more efficiently manage many municipal services. Nanaimo’s advanced GIS system allows it to respond instantly to developers looking for sites for shopping malls and other commercial buildings.
The Victoria-based Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS), the division that is integrating GIS information to the 2 million land parcels in B.C., expects to complete the task within five years.

For more information on Nanaimo and what is happening there, please check out the full article at the link below.

Melissa Lawrence, Rutgers Student Intern, VERTICES, LLC


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